Time Capsule Project

Based on the concept of “contributing to society through video and leaving historical archives to future generations”, The Time Capsule Project aims to preserve Japanese history and traditional culture with documentary + cutting-edge technology (3DVR) and pass it on to future generations This film was produced with the full cooperation of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Atomic Bomb Museum and A-bomb survivors) and the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Memorial Museum (government-owned facility).

The testimonies of the survivors of the atomic bomb continue to instruct future generations about the horrors of war and the tragedies of nuclear weapons.

The Time Capsule Project is sold and marketed by Rim Entertainment. “Don’t let wars and disasters erase the memories and lessons they teach” will be the theme under which this work will be distributed domestically. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this project.

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FormatMovieYear2019ProducerKento ShmizuDirectorKento ShmizuWriterKento Shmizu


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