Yokohama Relight

As Kento Shimizu asks Japanese society, “the way of identity” has become a forgotten concept due to the obviousness of it. In not too distant future, Japan will face major immigration and racial problems due to diversity in lineage, place of birth, appearance, etc. A group of members sympathized with Kento Shimizu’s desire to accept diversity has come together to work on this project. The question is, how do pure-blood Japanese people deal with this issue, and how does this country define its identity?

The film takes place in Yokohama in 2050. The “Returnee”, the “Persecuted Mixed-Race Child”, and the “Mixed-Race Child Who Became Famous”, three people with different identities find their own place and way of coexisting while embroiled in a national conspiracy.

In addition to producing, selling, and marketing Yokohama Relight, Rim Entertainment will produce entertainment works that ask society about how identity should be defined. Interested parties are welcome to get in touch with us if you are interested in this work.


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FormatMovieYearOngoing *Not released yetProducerYeongsu Jeong, Yoshinori KawamuraDirectorKento ShmizuWriterKento Shmizu


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